A true story about the greatest pitcher you've never heard of



A play by Jonathan A. Goldberg

Directed by Courtney Ulrich

with James B. Kennedy and Christine Pumariega

The heartbreaking play about George Edward "Rube" Waddell, the greatest lefty pitcher of the deadball era, comes to FringeNYC.  

The play begins in a ratty Texas hotel where the down-and-out former ballplayer is awaiting his last chance at the big leagues.  He hires the Reptile Girl from a local circus to keep him company -- and sober.  They share a long night of secrets, pain, and past regrets.

After playing to sold out shows in Minnesota, Indianapolis, and San Francisco -- Shelby Company brings this heartbreaking baseball story to FringeNYC




Shelby Company’s “Sousepaw: A Baseball Story” is sharply staged. Jonathan A. Goldberg’s tense two-hander looks at the record-setting strikeout king Rube Waddell in a last comeback attempt near the end of his short life in 1913. James B. Kennedy is riveting as the alcoholic, borderline retarded southpaw. Reptile Girl is a perfect foil, drawing him out as the sexy girl from a sleazy circus who thinks he might be her ticket out of servicing other rubes.
This heartbreaking play puts Waddell in a Texas hotel, on the eve of what he believes will be a comeback. He has asked the Reptile Girl from a local circus to come visit him. These two bereft souls express an epic, if tragically doomed, hope for better things. James B. Kennedy is outstanding, Jonathan Goldberg’s script is a small jewel. I would see it again and again.
— Graydon Royce Minnesota Star Tribune
The show to beat. First five star review of the year.
— MNArtists
— City Pages
The characters unpeel their lives as one does an onion getting to the inner core of their being. We root for them, feel their pain.
5 Stars. Goldberg’s script is a beautifully written character study . . . making the most of every intimate moment.
— Matthew Everett, Twin Cities Daily Planet

All photos by Hunter Canning